Fitness Membership

USA Boxing's fitness membership is for people who want to work out in a USA Boxing registered gym and train like a boxer to get the fitness benefits. This membership allows you to work out, train with a coach, use heavy bags, speed bags, punch mitts, etc. What this membership does NOT allow is sparring or boxing. This is strictly a non-contact membership!
Because our Fitness members will not be competing and do not require all the resources that a full athlete membership requires, the membership fee is less.
Annual Membership Fee for Fitness Members
Youth Fitness (Ages 8 to 17) $25

Adult Fitness (Ages 18 and over) $35

Fitness members will receive the same secondary injury/accident insurance that our other members receive.  Which means a registered Fitness member is covered if he or she is injured while working out (not sparring!) in a USA Boxing registered gym.
We want to encourage our gym/club owners to get all their members registered, so for each Fitness member a gym signs up, the gym will receive $5 of the membership fee.  Each quarter, USA Boxing will send a check to the gym.
Fitness members must be attached to a USA Boxing registered gym; they cannot be unattached with no club affiliation.  Also, Fitness members will not get a passbook but will be able to print a membership card just like other members.  Coaches – please remember your fitness members are NOT to spar!
If you join as a Fitness member and down the road you decide you want to try sparring, you can easily upgrade your membership to a full athlete membership.
For questions, please contact the USA Boxing national office at 719-866-2323.