High Performance Staff

Consistently place American boxers at the top of world podiums
USA Boxing

USA Boxing’s High Performance department oversees all aspects of National Team programming, with the mission of consistently placing American boxers at the top of world podiums.

The department is composed of the following staff, overseeing all aspects of performance and providing world class support to national team boxers:

  • Management/Operations
    • Matt Johnson - High Performance Director
    • Derrick Raedel - Assistant High Performance Director - Operations
    • Morgan Bergquist - High Performance Manager
    • Chris Hale - High Performance Coordinator
  • Coaching
    • Billy Walsh – National Head Coach
    • Chad Wigle – National Development Coach
    • Timothy Nolan - National Resident Coach
    • Elite High Performance Coaching Pool
  • Sport Performance
    • Jose Polanco - Assistant High Performance Director - Sport Performance
    • Taylor Maggio - National Team Sports Dietitian
    • Gillian Brennan - Contracted Assistant National S&C Coach
  • Medical
    • Dr. Kirk O'Donnell - High Performance Medical Director
    • Maddie Kalke – National Team Athletic Trainer
  • Sport Development
    • Kammara Penick – Coaching Education Coordinator