USA Boxing Rankings by Division

Updated March 19, 2024

USA Boxing Rankings General Information

The following information outlines the USA Boxing Rankings system.

**Only Top 10 of each weight class are listed in the rankings**

Rankings in Amateur Boxing

The primary purpose of the USA Boxing Ranking System is to identify and track the nation’s top boxers at each age level. In turn, this will also develop a vehicle for athletes to monitor and track their progress amongst other athletes in their division and weight class. The USA Boxing Ranking System may also be used to determine seeding at USA Boxing’s national events.


The USA Boxing Rankings began December 1, 2016 and all boxers started with zero points. The rankings operate on a two-year, rolling point system. This means that points accumulated from an event will be maintained for two years. Points earned from an event will be reduced by 50% on December 1 of the following year and will be reduced by 100% on December 1 the next year.


Athletes can only earn ranking points at a USA Boxing approved ranking events. All athletes in the ranking system must be U.S. citizens and documentation must be provided during the registration period to verify citizenship status of the athlete. Athletes must also be current members of USA Boxing in good standing, meaning the athlete is not under suspension by USA Boxing or IBA. Athletes will be categorized by gender, age and weight classification.


Events must be compliant with IBA and USA Boxing event standards to be considered for the ranking system. In addition to USA Boxing’s ranking events listed below, there will be an opportunity for other events to apply for ranking via application. All accepted applicants will begin as Tier 1 events. 

How Athletes Earn Rankings Points

Eligible athletes are capable of earning rankings points at both national and international competitions, based on their place finish at the event. The amount of obtainable points depends on the level of competitiveness at the event taking place.

Weight, Age, and AOB Status Classification Policies

Changing Age or Weight Classification

Ranking points that are accumulated by an athlete within a given age or weight class cannot be transferred to a different age or weight class. Therefore, when an athlete changes age or weight divisions he or she will begin with zero points.

High Performance Team & High Performance Squad Members

Athletes who have been selected to USA Boxing’s High Performance Teams and/or High Performance Squad will be separated from the rankings and listed according to his or her designation. All other ranked athletes who have not been selected to USA Boxing’s High Performance Team or High Performance Squad will be designated as “Contenders” within the weight category. 

High Performance Team Selection Procedures and High Performance Squad Qualification Guidelines can be found at:

Professional Boxers

Any athlete who turns professional will be removed from the ranking system. The USA Boxing Ranking System is exclusive to amateur boxers.

Anti-Doping Compliance

If the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) or World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) renders a decision that disqualifies or suspends an athlete, all points accumulated will be removed from that athlete.

Other Policies & Ranking Specifications

Withdrawal From Competition

If an athlete chooses to discontinue competing in a ranking event for reasons other than a medical disqualification, points accumulated during that event will be removed. Therefore, athletes must compete in all event scheduled matches, such as a 3rd place box-off. In the case of such a withdrawal, the ranking points of all other boxers will remain the same. Points are non-transferable.


If two athletes are ranked equally, the athlete with ranking points earned at the highest tier event will be ranked higher. In other words, an athlete who has earned ranking points at the Elite World Championships will be ranked higher than an athlete who has earned ranking points at the Pan American Games, given that these two athletes have the same number of ranking points.

Disclaimer: USA Boxing reserves the right to alter the ranking system in any way it deems necessary