Marketing and Promo Posters

Marketing and Promoting Boxing and Your Club

Below, you'll find a variety of materials, ranging from posters to brochures and pamphlets that can be used in your club. While each of these materials serve a different purpose and audience, all can be used to help build amateur Olympic-style boxing and your club. 

These files may be downloaded, saved and sent to your local printer. All these resources can be printed for low costs and quick turnaround times. 

Be sure to continue checking this page, as we will continue to upload a variety of things that will benefit our members!

Athlete and Team Posters

2020 Junior Boys High Performance Team

USA Boxing Event Posters

2019 National Championships

2019 Last Chance Qualifier

2019 Eastern Qualifier

2019 National Junior Olympics

2019 Western Qualifier


(To print, must be printed double sided and folded twice)