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2023 Grants4Gyms winners announced

by USA Boxing

The 50 gyms awarded this year’s Grants4Gyms from the USA Boxing Foundation were announced today by USA Boxing.

A huge congratulations to all the gyms that earned the grant! Full list can be seen below.

We would also like to thank all our sponsors that contributed to this program.

Dreamland Boxing Club

Sweet Science Boxing 520

Stockton Cal Street Boxing Club

Antelope Valley Boxing Club

Guerrero’s Boxing Club

Big bro boxing

Carson City Boxing Club

Lilac City Boxing Club

Highlanders boxing club

The Rock Boxing Gym

Sonrise Boxing T.E.A.M

The Good Fight Community Center

Rockford Patriots Boxing Club

Electric City Boxing Club

ICOR Boxing Club

Rogue Boxing & Fitness

Stuttgart Gloves not Guns Boxing Club

Victory Boxing Academy

EADO Boxing Club

Pena's Old School Boxing

Alley Boxing Club

Hernandez Boxing Academy

Azteca Boxing Club

Bee County Boxing Club

Kingsville Boxing Club

Midland Pound 4Pound Boxing Academy

Mvj Athletics training center

Azteca Boxing Team

Laporte city boxing

Nonantum Boxing Club

Cameron St boxing club

Broadway Boxing club

Champs Boxing Club (CBC)

Number 11 Overcomers

Team 814


Westside Boxing

Joe's / ALCC Boxing Club

Saginaw Boxing Club

Winners Choice

Tommy Thomas Boxing Club

Friends of Boxing/Port City Boxing

Palm Bay ROUND13 Boxing Club


Boxing Resource Center Fighters

Fighting Falcons Boxing Club

Paris Downtown Boxing

LUGO boxing and fitness


Hankinson Boxing Gym