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LBC Board Candidates Announced

by USA Boxing

USA Boxing is grateful for the overwhelming response to the LBC Board call for candidates. We had over 450 members offer to volunteer their time to the organization! The USA Boxing national office has spent the last couple months verifying that the candidates and voters meet the qualifications outlined in the LBC Bylaws.

Information about the candidates, who won by acclamation (meaning ran unopposed), and which open positions will be elected by the LBCs in January is now available on the USA Boxing website here. Please click on your geographic area and then LBC.

Elections will be held November 1-15 and will be conducted by a third party voting company via email. If you are eligible to vote, please look for an email from Simply Voting during the above time period. Please check your junk mail and the criteria below before contacting the office that you didn’t receive a ballot.

Please note that NOT all members are eligible to vote in the elections and the positions have different voting criteria. USA Boxing is following the voter criteria listed in the LBC Bylaws Section 403.2 including:

Eligible Voters for President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer: The Board of Governors (clubs with criteria listed below plus the current LBC board of directors) shall vote for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

For a club to be eligible to vote in the Board of Director’s elections they must:

• Be registered at the time of the election and have been a registered club of the LBC for at least nine (9) out of the previous twelve (12) months.

• Have minimum of five (5) registered and attached member boxers.

• Have a club representative listed on the club profile page in USA Boxing’s membership database, who is a non-athlete member in good standing with the LBC and USA Boxing.

Eligible Voters for Chief of Officials: Board of Governors (criteria listed above) and officials that have been registered as a non-athlete with an official’s certification for at least six (6) consecutive months immediately prior to the election.

Eligible Voters for Athlete Representatives: Athletes that are at least 18 years of age and have been a registered athlete for at least sixty (60) consecutive days immediately prior to the election.

Integrity of Elections: It is expected that candidates will promote their candidacy with respect, common decency, dignity, and fair play and will respect the other candidates in the election. No candidate will communicate or act in a manner that could harm the image of another candidate, their LBC, or USA Boxing. Potential or confirmed candidates cannot give presents, donations, gifts or offer to grant services or goods that could lead to an advantage of any nature to another stakeholder.