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Grassroots in the News: September25

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - She’s a young contender who’s working her way up the ranks in the world of boxing.

In July, the teen won it all at the USA Boxing Women’s Championships that was held here in Toledo.

The Bennett Venture Academy student says the sport has changed her life. 13-year-old Shi’Ayr Harris started boxing a year and a half ago and is dominating in the ring.

The fact Cincinnati Golden Gloves head coach Mike Stafford grew up to be a nationally and internationally acclaimed boxing coach is still a surprise to his oldest brother, Gary Stafford. Boxing was "the last thing we would've thought he'd get into," Gary, 76, said about his quiet, humble brother.

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This year's Pennsylvania Silver Gloves tournament will be coming to Lancaster — and the team at Lancaster City Boxing Academy, headed up by coach Will Torres, is hosting.

It’s a first for Torres, who opened the doors of his gym (called Lancaster City Boxing Club at the time) to aspiring boxers in 2013.

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More than just boxing, Christamore House is a safe haven in Haughville

INDIANAPOLIS — Inside of Christamore House on the West side of Indianapolis, boxers are training for much more than a title.

"Train slow you fight slow gentleman, ladies," Boxing Coach Jeffrey Young told the fighters.

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Beth Harris-Smoke, 13, has almost 3,000 hours of boxing training under her belt and recently won a national boxing championship.

She said her drive is to be "stronger."

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