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Take the Green Coaching Certification Today

by Brian Taylor, USA Boxing

Take your USA Boxing’s Green Coaching Certification today!

The Green level is the first step in advancing your coaching education. It is an online course with an immediate certification that sanctions you to work in your gym as a USA Boxing coach, and corner at all USA Boxing events. 

This certification consists of learning topics like coaching fundamentals, the universal boxer, fundamental skills, boxer and gym safety, as well as competition structure and rules.

The online Green course is very different from previous coaching education exams. However, it has a very similar setup to SafeSport testing. Accessing the Green level coaching course is simple, log into your USA Boxing account and click on “Apply for Coach Certification” from the drop-down menu. Select “Green Level Coach” and follow the prompts to the website.

To elevate beyond Green to Bronze, Silver, or Gold, a coach must attend a clinic that is facilitated by specifically chosen and trained clinicians. These clinics will be a hands-on, practical course that will consist of in-class or boxing gym material.