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USA Boxing Partners with Protect Yourself at All Times

by USA Boxing

On December 5th, amateur boxers and coaches from all over the country will look to claim their stake as one of the nation’s best at the 2021 USA Boxing National Championships in Shreveport, La.


While USA Boxing continues to promote and grow Olympic-style amateur boxing, many of the members who come through our organization go on to compete in the professional ranks. To better prepare members for the next level, USA Boxing has partnered with Texas-based company, Protect Yourself at All Times, LLC to provide educational information for amateur boxers.


“Protect Yourself at All Times is important for boxers to learn inside and outside of the ring. Most pro fighters are taken advantage of contractually or financially because of the absence of an educational system to help them as early as the amateurs,” stated Adrian Clark, Owner/CEO of Protect Yourself at All Times, LLC. “ USA Boxing has taken the first step to provide education for fighters by partnering with us. This is unprecedented in the sport of boxing.”


Protect Yourself at All Times (PYaAT) was established in 2016 by former USA Boxing athlete turned boxing manager, Adrian Clark. After nine years as a manager, Clark retired from management and set focus on educating athletes about the business side of the sport.


Matt Johnson, USA Boxing High Performance Director, caught wind of Clark’s ‘PYaAT series’ on Fight Network and decided to reach out.


“While USA Boxing aims to keep members in its program for as long as possible, we understand that there is a natural transition to eventually move from amateur to professional boxing.


Unfortunately, I have seen many boxers make this transition without fully understanding the business of boxing and what it means to be professional. Through our partnership with PYaAT, USA Boxing’s hopes to provide members with a better understanding of professional boxing and the tools to set themselves up for a successful career when the time is right to take that next step.”


Clark and & Forbes magazine #19 world-ranked Wealth Management Advisor, Mark Murphy will be in attendance at the national tournament in Shreveport to give away books and host a few events.


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