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USA Boxing Foundation Launches ‘Be Like Mike’ Campaign to raise funds, rally support

by USA Boxing Foundation

The USA Boxing Foundation announced today a new campaign to help raise support for the sport.


‘Be Like Mike,’ which will run the month of June, seeks to gain 100 donors, committing $100 each for the Foundation to help meet its mission to advance boxing as the sport of opportunity. Should the Foundation reach its goal, Executive Director Mike McAtee has committed to wearing a temporary face tattoo all day on June 30 - Mike Tyson’s birthday - as a tribute to one of boxing’s greats, and to help encourage excitement and participation in the initiative. 


The original ‘Be Like Mike’ ran in a 1991 Gatorade campaign celebrating Michael Jordan. USA Boxing Foundation is carrying the sentiment forward as a nod to Mike Tyson, not only because he is one of the sport’s greatest of all time, but to highlight his path to the sport, and all that he overcame.


“Boxing saved my life, which is a claim Mike Tyson has made as well,” said Mike McAtee. “Those of us who know and support boxing know the power this sport has to change the course of one’s life outside of the ring. Supporting ‘Be Like Mike’ is a way to support that path for others, while having a little fun at the same time.” 


While ‘Be Like Mike’ is a nod to Mike Tyson, it is also in the spirit of Mike McAtee and his own contributions to the USA Boxing Foundation. Mike McAtee is well recognized within the USA Boxing community and has done much to help the organization become what it is today. Over the past 6 years, alongside members, coaches and the community, McAtee has led the organization to help bring USA Boxing and its athletes to new heights.  He’d like your help to do the same for the USA Boxing foundation. 


USA Boxing Foundation encourages those interested in supporting the “Be Like Mike” campaign to help achieve 100 donations of $100 through June 1st up until June 30th. If this goal is reached, Mike McAtee will apply a Mike Tyson face tattoo and wear it through the office as well on social media. 


Visit to learn more about how you can ‘Be Like Mike’ and support the future of USA Boxing. 


USA Boxing Foundation’s mission is to advance boxing as the sport of opportunity, providing the environment, tools, training, and support to set our boxers on a better course for life. Through programming, scholarships, and grants, the Foundation is committed to supporting boxers at every level of the sport investing in today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.  Whether it is a scholarship, the search for a better life, or a dream to one day stand on the Olympic Podium, USA Boxing Foundation supports our boxers' hopes for something bigger.  To follow, support, and learn more about USA Boxing, its athletes, and the Foundation, visit

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