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2022 National Junior Olympics and Summer Festival FAQ

by USA Boxing

Who can participate in this tournament?

There will be brackets for all age groups from PeeWee to Masters.

The Junior Olympics is for the Junior, Intermediate & Bantam boxers.

The Summer Festival will include boxers in the Elite, Youth, PeeWee, College & Masters divisions.

Is the tournament a qualifier for Nationals?

The 2022 USA Boxing National Championships will be held Dec 3-10 in Lubbock, Texas.  The National Championships are the pathway for Elite, Youth & Junior boxers to the High Performance squad and Team USA.

In order to compete at the 2022 USA National Championships, boxers in the Men’s & Women’s ELITE division for the anticipated Olympic weight classes MUST QUALIFY via 1 of 4 pathways.  Please review the document “2022 Elite National Championships Qualification Procedures” for a more clear understanding.

All of other age/weight divisions at the 2022 USA National Championships (including the Elite non-Olympic weights) will have open registration and any boxer that meets the minimum bout requirements can compete.  These boxers DO NOT have to QUALIFY via the Qualifiers in order to compete in December.

What is required to compete?

ALL participants MUST be CURRENT members of USA Boxing in good standing.  Boxers MUST be US citizens and upload a copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport.  Boxers MUST upload a copy of their Athlete Physical that is valid for the dates of the tournament.

Depending on age and weight division, boxers may have a minimum/maximum bout requirement and/or minimum winning percentage requirement in order to qualify for the tournament.

Masters division boxers over the age of 40 must upload a copy of their Masters Athlete Annual Physical.

Collegiate division boxers must upload a copy of proof of courses taken.

Who can compete in the USA Boxing Masters division?

Boxers that are ages 35 and older may enter to compete in the Masters division.  Masters division boxers must have a yellow USA Boxing Masters Athlete passbook with a CURRENT Athlete Annual Physical (ages 35-40) or CURRENT Masters Athlete Annual Physical (ages 41+).

Athlete Physical forms can be found on under Membership—Forms—Medical Forms

Masters division boxers with previous boxing experience will be placed into brackets.  Inexperienced boxers will be put into matched bouts based on Age/Weight/Experience.

Masters division boxers must check-in by Wednesday, July 13
th and will compete on Thursday, July 14th and Friday, July 15th.

Who can compete in the USA Boxing Collegiate division?

Boxers that have been enrolled in ANY post-secondary education institution since Spring semester of 2021 may enter to compete in the Collegiate division.  There is a maximum bout experience limitation to compete in this division; Males boxers cannot have more than 15 bouts experience and Female boxers cannot have more than 10 bouts of previous experience.  Before registering for the event, all boxers must have uploaded their Proof of DOB and current Athlete Annual Physical.  Collegiate boxers also must have uploaded and had verified their proof of courses taken.

Collegiate division boxers must check-in by Saturday, July 9th and will compete Monday, July 11th and Tuesday, July 12th.