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USA Boxing announces partnership with HEALiX Infrared

by USA Boxing

USA Boxing announced today their partnership with HEALiX Infrared as the official sauna blanket of USA Boxing.  

"HEALiX Infrared is a company founded by serious athletes, which is why we are so excited to finalize our partnership with USA Boxing,” stated Michael Browne, owner of HEALiX.  

“The collaboration is sure to grow awareness in amateur and professional athletes, of all ages, about how infrared technologies can support them in achieving improved recovery, convenient preparation, and pinnacle performance. We look forward to working with USA Boxing and finding the best ways to support the community with essential training tools and knowledge." 

“I can’t say how impactful this device has been with our team since this partnership has begun,” stated Jose Polanco, USA Boxing Assistant High Performance Director – Sport Performance. “To be able to have access to your own personal sauna to utilize many of the passive recovery methods at our own volition all in an easy travel pack, is a complete game changer.”

The HEALiX Sauna Blanket design provides unmatched sauna privacy and hygiene, compact size for use in any setting, portability to use on the go, easy clean up, zero EMF Radiation and the hottest setting available on the market. Using infrared therapy treatments has been linked in studies to increased muscle recovery rate, improved cortisol to testosterone ratios, improved blood circulation, and extended calorie burn.  

Members can purchase their own HEALiX Sauna Blanket by
clicking here.