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Grassroots News June 27

by USA Boxing

Angel Villarreal Jr. grows Milwaukee Boxing

Very few boxers in recent memory have emerged from Milwaukee. That’s about to change if Angel Villarreal Sr. and Jr. have their way at the United Community Center.

Although there are a number of gyms in the area, Milwaukee’s emerging boxing scene begins and ends at the UCC. The center is located in Milwaukee’s diverse, heavily Latino Southside. It has served the community for over 50 years. 

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Beloit youth boxer set to represent Rockford Patriots Boxing Club, USA Boxing on international stage

Braulio Arcos-Rodriguez looked like any other kid when he first stepped inside the Rockford Patriots Boxing Club.

“Yeah when he (Arcos-Rodriguez) first came in, just like any other nine or 10-year-old boy, they kind of come in, they mope around a little bit, they’re discovering themselves, it’s a new, exciting sport, they’re not really attuned with everything, they don’t know what’s going on,” RPBC Coach Jimmy Goodman Jr. said.

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