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Club Registration and Unattached Boxers Reminder

by USA Boxing

As the new year begins, USA Boxing would like to send a reminder of the importance of club renewals and membership verification.  

Rule 1.4 in the USA Boxing Rulebook states:

A boxer may not represent a club or an organization that is not a member of an LBC or USA Boxing. Any boxer who boxes for a club or organization, which is not a registered member of the LBC, must enter the contest as “unattached.” 

With registrations expiring the end of the year and preparations for this year's events beginning shortly thereafter, it is not uncommon to see boxers attached to a club that has not renewed their USA Boxing club membership for the following calendar year. As a result, boxers are forced to compete as “unattached,” rather than with their club.  

We are sending a reminder to all administrators, sanction holders and other shareholders to have those conversations with their franchisees, sub-franchisees, boxers, coaches and club administrators on the importance of renewing their club membership with USA Boxing. Not only are membership renewals critical for USA Boxing to help meet their mission of supporting grassroots boxing, but they benefit the clubs and the boxers in the following ways:

- Renewing a club is required to host sanctions. 
- Club memberships offer a liability insurance policy, used to protect the club in the event of a liability suit. 
- Registering a club offers advertising benefits. USA Boxing will list the club on the USA Boxing website, as well as their club will be announced at events. When boxers perform well at an event or tournament, people take notice. We guarantee the boxer’s club comes up in that conversation This form of word-of-mouth advertising is invaluable. Losing that because a club or coach didn’t renew their membership, is a missed opportunity for the club and boxer. 

This is a great opportunity to ensure our clubs cement their legacy. Please encourage your clubs to renew their membership(s) as soon as possible.  If there are any questions surrounding membership renewals, please reach out to the National Office, at 719-866-2323. Thank you all for your cooperation.

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