Officials Membership

Welcome to USA Boxing’s Officials’ Education Resource Center. To become an official with USA Boxing, you must register with USA Boxing each calendar year, complete the SafeSport Certification course (online), and then either take the online officials test or attend an in-person officials’ clinic given by your LBC.Link to USA Boxing RegistrationLink to SafeSport: Members can access SafeSport through their online profile or go to this link.

When you are ready to take the exam, click here to log into your USA Boxing Member Profile

Follow these step-by-step instructions for navigating through your Member Profile to register for and take the exam.

1) Log into your USA Boxing account on Webpoint.

2) In the left blue pane called Member Home: Select Member Area.

3) In the left blue Member Area pane: Select Officials Certification

4) In the left blue Member Area pane: Select Certification Application. Review the application. Click Continue. Then you may click Submit.

5) In the left blue Member Area pane: Select Take Online Exam. In this window will be listed the Level I Officials Test. On the right side of this window click the box to Take Exam

6) The exam will appear in a separate window. Complete the exam, and submit your answers.


Officials Forms and Documents

These forms and documents are used for Officials training, as well as at events.