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    We want to thank you for volunteering your time to work as a ringside physician for one or more of our sanctioned boxing events.  USA Boxing is a member-based organization, run by volunteers at the grassroots level throughout the United States.  Without our volunteers, we could not do what we do.  Having a doctor at our shows is a critical and mandatory component, so we are very appreciative of you!

    A couple of things it may be helpful to know:

    • To serve as a ringside physician, you must be an M.D. or a D.O.
    • A ringside doctor must be a registered member of USA Boxing and be background screened every calendar year, but USA Boxing pays for both.
    • Federal legislation requires that all non-athlete members, including physicians, take the Safe Sport Training Course.  Instructions to register and take this training are attached.  There is no charge to take Safe Sport.
    • USA Boxing provides Medical Malpractice Insurance
    • Medical supplies should be provided at the event but if you have a “doctor’s bag” please consider bringing it.
    • USA Boxing has training materials that were presented at our 2018 Ringside Physician Symposium for our registered physicians. Please review the information at
    • And please review the basic Ringside Physician Information on our website,

          Click on the drop down menu on this page for resources.

    Please wear the enclosed badge when you are working the boxing event.  It not only allows everyone to identify you as the ringside physician, it also contains your USA Boxing membership card to show that you are registered.

    Again, thank you for volunteering as a ringside physician! 

    Feel free to call the membership department with any questions you may have. 719-866-2323.

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