The USA Boxing Education app offers numerous resources to all USA Boxing members!

The USA Boxing Education app allows coaches, parents, athletes, and officials to access trusted resources, such as those on nutrition, strength and conditioning, and boxing fundamentals. The app offers advanced boxing strategies and numerous specialized courses in everything from Fitness boxing to international competition information.

The new USA Boxing Education app is a modern way to access numerous USA Boxing trusted resources and it is easy to use. Please see the instructions below on how to download the app to your computer, phone, or tablet, and log in with your USA boxing username and password.

Click on the following links to access the USA Boxing Education app on the Apple App store or the Android app store. Once you are in the app store look for the “USA Boxing Education” app with the USA boxing logo. Download the app and log in using your USA Boxing credentials.

USA Boxing provides match day tips including a dynamic warm-up that USA Boxing’s High-Performance teams use before a competition; competition hand wrapping tips from High-Performance Coach Joe Guzman; along with lessons on scoring criteria, scoring guidelines, and match reviews to show what to look for during a match in the eyes of an official and referee. 

The USA Boxing Education app is free for all USA Boxing members.