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Save the Plate: July 26 USA Boxing Foundation “Bon Appetit with Billy”

by USA Boxing

In just two weeks, on July 26th, we will be one year away from the exciting Paris 2024 Opening Ceremony. We want you to be part of the action and SAVE THE DATE!

The USA Boxing Foundation is thrilled to kick off its "Bon Appetit with Billy" fundraising campaign, and we would love for you to join us in supporting our athletes and their families as they make their journey to Paris. By contributing, you'll have a chance to experience a special French dinner cooked by none other than Billy Walsh, the Head Coach of USA Boxing, and Mike McAtee, the CEO of USA Boxing. Plus, you'll get to spend time with the team! Check out the registration link below to get involved.


In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing clips of Billy and Mike in the kitchen, preparing what could be your delicious French meal. You'll also hear directly from our USA Boxing athletes about the impact your donation has on their Olympic dreams. Your support not only helps them achieve success but also allows them to share their journey with their loved ones, while laying the groundwork for future champions.

Join us on social media as we make some noise and showcase the talent and dedication of our USA Boxing Team. We're on a journey from here to Paris, and we want you to come along with us!


With a range of opportunities for giving, from individual donations to online contributions and events, we have a full calendar of activities in the coming weeks. Our goal is to raise $65,000, which will provide the crucial support needed to ensure our athletes and their families can be present in Paris.


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