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From Camden to Paris Dreams: The Inspiring Journey of Jamar Talley's Olympic Odyssey

by Luke Santangelo, USA Boxing

In the gritty streets of Camden, N.J., where adversity often outweighs opportunity, a young boxer has emerged with a dream that burns brighter than the city lights. Meet Jamar "No Mercy" Talley, a 23-year-old native of Camden, whose journey through the world of boxing has been a tale of resilience, unwavering dedication, and an indomitable spirit. Although, he came up just short in Tokyo 2020, Jamar has had professional offers since 2018, but he has set his sights on an even greater prize: competing in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Jamar's love affair with boxing began at the age of seven, guided by the belief and support of his father, Omar Talley. Jamar and his brother, Omar II, would spar each other in the basement of their Uncle Heem’s house as their punches echoed in the dimly lit room as they'd work out relentlessly. Omar Sr., Jamar's biggest role model and the source of his inspiration, has been by his side every step of the way, bestowing upon him the title of "champ" since his earliest memories.

“Inspirations growing up was really my father. He stayed on me."
Jamar Talley

Jamar expressed he didn’t have much time hanging out with friends or a normal childhood. Talley’s father would call him after school and would make sure he was in the ring or gym.

However, Jamar's path to boxing glory was far from easy. Finding a coach and a fight proved to be a challenge initially. It was a pivotal moment in sixth grade that led Jamar to the R&B gym, a place that would shape his destiny. Walking home from school one fateful day, Jamar found himself in a dangerous encounter, facing adversity head-on.

“When I was in sixth grade, around 11-years-old, I was jumped and shortly after that I got into the gym at R&B in Pennsauken.” Jamar expressing the beginning of his journey. “I already knew how to fight because my dad taught me how to box in our basement, but after that I got into R&B gym at 11.”

Jamar then found his coach in Coach Chris Williams and got his first fight in 2015 in Atlantic City. Ever since Jamar hasn’t looked back and continues to make strides toward his Olympic dream. Jamar, proud to be from Camden, is looking to go in history books to represent Camden as a boxer in the Olympics.

“Wow, I would be going down in history, not only to qualify but looking to go out there and medal in the Olympics.” Jamar spoke on the opportunity to be first Camden Boxer in the Olympics since 1928. “It would be an inspiration to my city and would let them know anything is possible, anything can be done, just hard work and dedication.”

“My coach was always telling me, ‘You going to the Olympics, you the next champ.’ He would just always say my face can end up on the Wheaties box,” stated Jamar.

Ever since falling short of making the Olympic team in 2020, Jamar has been more motivated than ever and likes his odds to qualify this time. Jamar won gold in the 2023 Gee Bee International Tournament and AMBC Elite Championship in 2022.  Talley also placed third in the 2023 Strandja International Tournament and fifth at the 2021 World Championships.

His dedication to the game will never fall short as summer of 2021 showed that. Jamar returned to his hometown of Camden, where boxing was all he knew and all he wanted. Each day, he would rise early, train relentlessly with his coach, and then share his knowledge and passion with younger aspiring boxers, all in pursuit of his Olympic dream. Nights were spent on a cot in the boxing gym, a humble reminder of the sacrifices he was willing to make to achieve greatness.

Jamar stated the biggest change in his boxing from 2020 to this time around is he is now imposing his own will and expanded his game. Talley said he increased his midrange and inside game which has helped him capture a lot of his knockouts and his nickname, "No Mercy."

As Jamar continues to train in Colorado Springs, Colo. for next month’s Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, where he hopes to officially qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics, Talley not only represents Camden but also embodies the spirit of countless individuals who refuse to give up.