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2022 USA Boxing National Championships Registration Updates

by Brian Taylor, USA Boxing

Registration for the 2022 USA Boxing National Championships in Lubbock, Texas is quickly filling up, and we wanted to provide our members on some important updates if they are still hoping to register for the event.

Each weight class is capped, and we already have weight classes that are filled. Any boxer that registers in these weight categories will go onto the Wait List. We will move boxers from the Wait List to Active state if spots open due to withdrawals.

USA Boxing National Championship Full Brackets (as of 11/3/2022)

Elite Male: 132 lbs. and 147 lbs.

Youth Male: 112 lbs., 119 lbs., 125 lbs., 132 lbs., 139 lbs., and 147 lbs.

Junior Male: 95 lbs., 101 lbs., 119 lbs., 125 lbs. and 176+ lbs.

Bantam Male: 70 lbs. and 75 lbs.

Boxers on the Wait List may come to check-in and will receive credentials for the event and will be added to the bracket if there are no-shows, but this is not guaranteed.  Boxers may also have access to the sparring ring.  We anticipate that there will not be any room on the bout schedule for Matched Bouts.

Exception Requests and Wild Card

All exception requests have been processed and the portal to apply is now closed. We will not be taking any more exception request.

All Wild Card spots have been awarded and no further additions will be made. A complete list of Wild Card spots can be found here.

2023 USA Boxing High Performance Qualification Guidelines

All USA Boxing High Performance Qualification Guidelines for 2023 have been posted online and can be found here. We highly encourage all members to read these guidelines, as elite and youth high performance qualification applies to the 13 Olympic weights.

Weight Changes

Boxers have until the registration deadline, Nov. 18, to make changes to their weight category provided that the bracket they are moving into is not full. If the bracket is full, they will go on the Wait List.

Boxers make change their own weight by using the button that says “Edit my Registration” in their WebPoint membership profile.