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Houston featherweight Yoseline Perez sends strong message to U.S. boxing fans

by Bob Trieger

Despite her parent’s initial reluctance to support her as a boxer, Yoseline Perez has rapidly developed into a rising amateur star, and she’ll display her skills for the first time in international competition at the Youth World Championships, November 14-26, in La Nucia, Spain.

“I started boxing when I was 10 because my oldest brother wanted to box,” Perez explained. “My parents took all five of us (siblings) after school every day to Woodlands Boxing Gym so that three of my brothers could train. Since I was there every day not doing anything but watching, one of the coaches asked me if I wanted to box.  I said, yes. My parents were not okay with it initially, because they felt like boxing was too harsh for a girl, which made me want to do it more.”

Her dogged determination and complete training buy-in has already paid off. The 18-year-old Houston featherweight has racked up gold medals at the 2022 USA Boxing National Qualifier, 2021 USA Boxing Youth National Championships, 2019 USA Boxing Junior National Championships, 2019 National PAL Championships, as well as the 2017 National Junior Olympics.

Next up for Yoseline and her teammates is the Youth World championships. “I feel honored to compete in the Youth Worlds Championships and represent the United States,” Perez said. “Overall, I feel confident about winning gold, because of my perseverance and willingness to do whatever it takes.

“The highlight of my career to this day is becoming part of Team USA because my dream has always been to go to the Olympics and earn a gold medal. Knowing that I am getting closer and closer to my goals is by far the most incredible feeling. Team USA Boxing has allowed me to become more of a universal fighter, making me a more experienced boxer. Not only does USA Boxing help me develop my boxing skills, but it also pushes me to be a leader, which has contributed to the person I am today.”

Perez is an all-around boxer, one capable of boxing or brawling, pending what’s needed to emerge victoriously.

In addition to being confident of doing whatever it takes to win at the Youth Worlds, Perez’ goals also include capturing gold at the USA Nationals this December, as well as qualify for the USA Boxing Elite Team, highlighted by winning the 2023 U.S. Olympic Trials to become a member of the 2024 USA Olympic Boxing Team. Yoseline hopes to medal at the Paris Olympics and then turn pro.

“It is a privilege being able to represent the U.S. and I hope to represent the U.S. as best as I can,” Perez added. “Watch me put the whole world all over the floor.”

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