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LBC Election Run-off

by USA Boxing

Based on the LBC election results there are several officer positions that need a run-off election. The LBC Run-off Elections will take place via email from Simply Voting  December 11-17. Information on the candidates is still located on the website at (please look at your area, then LBC, then the position which has run-off candidates noted).   Only eligible voters will receive a ballot (voter eligibility information is also on the website).

For this LBC Run-off Election, winners will be determined by simple majority meaning the highest number of votes cast for any one candidate (over 50% of the votes is NOT needed like in the initial election).

The following positions will be contested in the run-off:

Georgia - President, Vice President, Secretary and Chief of Officials

Connecticut – President

Arizona – President and Treasurer

New England – President

Metro – Chief of Officials

Missouri Valley - Secretary and one Athlete Representative

Utah – Vice President

Nevada – President and Chief of Officials